The Most Unique Pools and Spas in 2019

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We are well into 2019 and the trends in unique pools and spas are more amazing than ever. With some inspiration and an understanding of the possibilities, your local pool contractors should be able to use these ideas to build you the pool of your dreams. Let’s see what sparks your imagination

The Hottest Trends in Pool Interiors

The best pool companies can maximize your space and transform pool interiors into your own private oasis. Here are some of the ideas that are popping up in the industry.


Harnessing the ease and convenience of technology, latest most unique pools and spas are full automated. You can control anything from temperature and a pool waterfall to lighting and music, with a smartphone or tablet. 

Led Pool Light

What good is having a pool if you can’t show it off. Led pool lighting offers an economical way to shine a spotlight on your investment.

Small Pools

If you limited space in your backyard, pool contractors can maximize it with a smaller pool—one of the hottest pool trends sweeping American backyards. Smaller pools are a great option for those who simply want to cool off and bask in the sun on a hot day.

Sun Shelves

A big trend in pool interiors are sun shelves, also known as tanning shelves or Baja shelves. These flat, shallow ledges are perfect for sun-bathing chairs but also accommodate handicapped access or a children’s area.

Natural Pools

These free-form creations are taking the country by storm, with plants placed hydroponically in the pool’s construction. Often feature a pool waterfall or two, the design create the feel of a tropical paradise in your own home.

You can turn pool interiors into something truly special with the help of a professional pool builder. With the latest swimming pool technology, LED pool light, and water features, you’ll never want to leave!