Computerized Pool Water Analysis

With test kits and reagents, you can get a pretty good idea of what chemicals your pool needs, but only through computer analysis can you be absolutely sure. Kazdin Pool and Spa service customers don’t have to guess. As part of every regularly scheduled visit our technicians analyze their water and add the proper chemicals, so they can have a truly enjoyable and worry-free week of pool and spa usage. Yearly we update our analysis capabilities with the latest programs and technologies from Bioguard to serve you even better. Retail customers can also bring a one-quart sample to our showroom anytime and we’ll run the computer analysis there. We’ll be happy to evaluate your pool’s condition and recommend the proper mix of chemicals to bring it to the ideal level for healthy, happy swimming. As a courtesy, we offer this service to all of our customers. FREE.

Analyzing your pool’s water right now is really important, while you’re making decisions that will affect your enjoyment of your pool all summer long. We’ll also deliver whatever bulk order chemicals you need absolutely FREE.

For further information about Kazdin’s Long Island pool water testing service, call us at call 631.283.4884.

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