The Importance of Maintaining a Pool

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Let’s face it. You can’t enjoy a pool without maintaining a pool. After all, there’s more to owning one than simply having something to swim in. A pool is a valuable investment that provides enjoyment and relieves stress. So, why would you want to worry about pool pump problems or other equipment issues, when you could be enjoying it to its fullest?

How to Avoid Pool Heater Repair, Pool Pump Issues and More

Maintaining a pool properly provides enjoyment, saves energy, saves money, and extends the life of pool equipment. From pool heater repair to pool pump problems, there are a number of issues that could be avoided simply by staying on top of pool care. Here are some of the most important maintenance considerations for any pool.

One-Time Cleanings
Having a party and no time for skimming the leaves out of the pool? Are the grandkids visiting? One-time cleanings by a professional can keep your pool in top shape so that it’s sparkling clean when you have company.

Vacation Services
Going on trip? Many pool companies offer vacations swimming pool maintenance so you can travel with ease knowing your pool is taken care of. When you return, you will be happy to see your pool algae-free, complete with sparkling blue water.

Chemical Service
Just like you get the oil changed in your care, your pool chemicals needs to be balanced and checked regularly. If you want to do your own pool care, stick to once-a-week chemical service. Check the chemicals, balance the water, and clean the skimmer and pump baskets. You can also add a one-time or as-needed filter cleaning.

Pool Inspection
Think you’re dealing with pool heater or pool pump problems? Get some peace of mind by having your pool inspected. Your entire pool area, spa, filter and pump equipment, time clock, salt system, pool cleaner, and any other features can be thoroughly analyzed to ensure optimal function.

Regular Pool Service
Consider regular professional pool service once per week, twice per week or daily for commercial businesses. This can include:

  • Tile cleaning
  • Empty skimmer baskets
  • Skim debris off surface
  • Empty pump baskets
  • Remove debris from bottom
  • Vacuuming
  • Brush sides, as needed
  • Check water quality & add necessary chemicals
  • Backwash filter, as necessary
  • Check equipment for proper operation

Maintaining a Pool Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

Pool equipment repairs are inevitable, but you can extend the life of your pool by staying on top of maintenance. You’ll find you will need pool heater repair and aesthetic upgrades less often if you show it some love!