Sell Your Home Faster with Poolside Staging

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When it’s time to sell your home, you have to maximize every feature to get the best offer. Houses with pools can carry a significant boost in value, but if your built in swimming pool looks more like an eyesore than an oasis, it could hurt more than help. As you focus on showcasing the interior of your home just right, don’t forget about your poolside staging—it can make all the difference.

Home Staging Tips for Pool Owners

Most sellers work very hard to stage their homes just right, especially those who have houses with pools. Here’s how you can make your outdoor environment look like a luxurious escape.

  1. Focus on the landscaping

A lush lawn, gardens, plants and healthy trees make the perfect backdrop for a built in swimming pool. Spread grass seed as soon as possible so there’s ample time for it to grow, and plant some bright flowers (though not too many or they can steal the show!). Consider purchasing some potted plants to place strategically around the pool. Be sure to trim your bushes and hedges, and clear any debris. A professional landscape designer can help take the guesswork out of the process.

  1. Remove extraneous personal belongings

When you’re busy enjoying your pool and outdoor space, you get comfortable. Kids leave their toys strewn about, pool equipment stays out for easy access, and other personal belongings create clutter. This can make the area look disorganized and create a safety hazard, especially if the space is wet. As part of your poolside staging, clear the area of everything but pool furniture. Having a blank slate gives potential homebuyers a chance to imagine what they can do with the space.

  1. Clean the pool

This may seem obvious, but cleaning is one of the most important home staging tips. The area around your pool should be spotless and the water must be crystal clear. Filter the pool water the night before showing your home, and use the skimmer in the morning to remove insects or leaves that may have fallen in. If it’s winter and your pool is covered, but sure the cover is well maintained and clear of debris. Consider calling a built in swimming pool expert to inspect the pool equipment, including drains, the lining, ladders and diving boards. If you’re too busy to keep up with your pool maintenance during the selling process, hire a pool management company to keep the chemical levels right and the pool looking beautiful for buyer walk-throughs.

  1. Create common areas with furniture

Poolside staging is all about creating an experience, and the right furniture conveys relaxation. Inviting patio furniture helps buyers picture themselves basking in the sun and whiling away the hours. Place a few chaise lounges and recliners around the pool. If you have a good amount of room to work with, set up a dining area as well. When potential homebuyers see the furniture, they will daydream about relaxing and entertaining in the space.

Houses with Pools Can Sell Themselves

If you’ve followed all the home staging tips you’ve come across and make your outdoor environment as inviting as the inside, you’ll find that your built in swimming pool will help sell your home faster. So, dive into staging and get ready to attract those buyers!