What You Need to Know About Buying a Home with a Pool

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You’re house-hunting, and you’ve done your homework. You’ve thought about routine considerations like replacing windows or repairing the roof. You know how large a yard you’ll need and whether you’re up to the task of maintaining it. But what happens if your real estate agent starts showing you houses with pools? Do you know what you need when it comes to pool service? Are you up to that task?

Top Tips When Looking at Houses with Pools

Many of us know about benefits of a swimming pool. But only you can decide if the benefits outweigh the potential hassles you can encounter if you don’t do your homework. If the fear of owning your own pool is getting in the way of finding your dream home, consider these tips to help you take the plunge.


Ask about monthly upkeep costs and the costs of pool service.

While there are plenty of benefits of a swimming pool, there are also plenty of costs to enjoy it. You can ask the real estate agent or current homeowners about the pool service costs, but do a little research on your own. Find out the cost of the maintaining the water, heating, fencing required by local safety codes, eventual pool resurfacing, regular water-filtration changes, potential costs of replacing the heater or pump as they wear, and liability insurance.

Get an inspection by one of the local pool companies.

When you’re house-hunting, you’ll want to do it with your eyes wide open. But if you’re considering houses with pools, unless you’re a pool service expert yourself, you need to seek the help of one of the professional pool companies—preferably a Certified Pool Builder—to perform a comprehensive inspection. Ask your real estate agent if he or she can recommend one with an excellent reputation and experience with a wide variety of pools. A visual inspection for houses with pools should include the pool, pumps, heater, liner, ladders, railing and diving boards, in addition to checking for cracks and leaks. Some homebuyers wrongfully think the home inspection covers the pool, but that’s rarely the case. Working with one of the professional pool companies will cost you some money upfront, but save you even more in the long run.

Check the equipment. 

If you’re considering buying a home with a pool, you’ll see that there are a number of moving parts to maintain to keep it in top condition. Aside from the actual swimming pool, which must be leak-free for peak performance, as part of your pool service inspections, the condition of safety covers, the hardware that secures them and any decking should be evaluated as well.

Like the house but not sure you want that pool?

If you are interested in the home, but not necessarily the pool, you have options. You can hire one of the local pool companies to get rid of the pool or completely remodel it. Many real estate agents work with homebuyers who choose to fill in existing pools because they want larger back yards for entertaining or to gain space where children could play. The choice is completely yours once your purchase offer is accepted, so it should never stand in the way of the home of your dreams.