What Inground Pool Options Should You Consider

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Staying in the know when it comes to pool construction trends can help you discover some great options to make your swimming pool unique. A professional can help you keep a pulse on the inground pool options, accessories, and features that are trending in the industry, but let’s take a quick look at what’s hot in 2016.

Top Picks for Luxury Pool Designs

Vinyl Liner Pools

One of the most popular types of pools is the vinyl liner pool. With the lowest initial cost of inground pools, vinyl liners are customizable in shape and size, with no limits on depth, length or width. What’s more, the material is nonabrasive, smooth to the touch and relatively nonporous so it inhibits algae growth. 

Salt Water Chlorinators

If you demand exceptional water quality without the odor and irritation of traditional chlorine pools, a salt water pool is for you. The chlorinator converts salt into chlorine in such a way that inhibits the harsh odors and eye irritation. While there is a significant upfront cost for this pool construction option, a huge advantage of salt water chlorinators is that they’re extremely low maintenance.

Heat/Cool Heat Pumps

When it comes to inground pool options, temperature is always a concern. Typically, heat/cool units are considered by those with types of pools that have automatic pool covers or pools that are exposed to direct sunlight for most of the day. Heat pumps, which operate much like the heater for your home, offer a great deal of efficiency. If you’re interested in this feature, you should consider going with a manufacturer that offers pumps with both heating and cooling functions in one unit.

Pool Lighting

Many luxury pool designs include lighting that puts your pool at the center of attention as night falls. Not only that, but lighting offers peace of mind when it comes to night swimming safety. Lighting gives you the best bang for your buck when you compare its cost to other accessories that beatify your pool area. A pool construction professional can help you determine your best options, but in general, LED lighting is a great choice with a bulb life expectancy of around 10,000 hours. Plus, LED allows you to change light colors by remote control for the ultimate in visual appeal.

Water Features

Have you dreamed of an oasis-like lagoon in your backyard? Or maybe an elegant, peaceful setting to bask in the sun. The use of water features and other inground pool options is the perfect way to integrate your pool into your overall design concept. These types of pools water features can be anything from fountains that add to the relaxing environment to dramatic, cave-like waterfalls. Looking for a softer, tropical effect? A rolled bond beam is a type of edging that allows concrete to be ribboned around your pool to soften the perimeter. The options are endless and your pool professional can show you the possibilities.

There’s nothing like installing an inground swimming pool to add a bit of luxury and relaxation to your outdoor environment. But with so many types of pools, luxury pool designs and other options to consider, planning your dream pool can seem more difficult than anticipated. Consider your options before breaking ground or attempting repair, and your pool construction will go swimmingly.