Inground Pool Design Ideas

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Innovation and experimentation are the name of the game when it comes to the latest pool design ideas. Pool owners and designers alike are breaking out of their comfort zones to attempt new, exciting creations. From uniquely shaped luxury swimming pools to vibrant colors, there’s no limit to your options for customization these days.

4 Modern Design Twists on Small Inground Pools

When it comes to the latest trends for small inground pools, there are plenty of choices to consider.

Style Idea #1: Rectangle Pool

Small dipping pools have become increasingly popular because they are the perfect complement to any home. You get all the benefits of a swimming pool without requiring as much space. One way to elevate this pool design is to add a sun shelf—an excellent way to spend warm afternoons, with refreshing water right within reach.  

Style Idea #2: Geometric Shapes

Speaking of the popular rectangle pool, geometric designs are making a splash in backyards worldwide. But unlike the rectangle shape, these works of art use sharp lines to create original shapes, such as triangles, squares and even hexagons to create truly unique pools for modern backyards. Set your geometric design apart by incorporating water features like fountains, spillways and sun shelves.

Style Idea #3: Infinity Edge

Today’s luxury swimming pools often feature an infinity edge, which gives the design a more natural feel. Perfect for those with waterfront views, the infinity edge is always placed closest to the ocean or lake to create an optical illusion of a vanishing edge accentuating your spectacular view. This custom design is available for small inground pools or large, and those built with fiberglass, vinyl or concrete.

Style Idea #4: Color

Trends come and go, but a flash of color is always in style. It seems that blue holds the title for the most popular pool color in 2019. Whether you choose a sky blue, pacific blue or marine blue, you’ll immediately feel a sense of calm and safety. Feel like going off the beaten path? A green swimming pool is another hot trend, especially if your pool is surrounded by lush landscaping. There are plenty of green shades to choose from and each will bring its own special feel to your space.

Seek a Professional for More Pool Design Ideas

With so many options available for the shape, color and textures of small inground pools, you can easily have your own luxurious escape customized to your taste and lifestyle. Work with a professional pool design company, and they’ll help you create the right aesthetic and vibe in your backyard.