Got Pool Problems? Time for a Renovation.

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Is your pool showing its age? If pool problems are causing you to avoid swimming or enjoying your backyard, it might be time for a renovation. Like any other feature of your home, there comes a time when your pool needs a face-lift or an upgrade. Here are the 5 most common signs that it’s time.

Signs You Should Renovate Pool Features

Cracks or Damage

If unsightly cracks or peeling are keeping you from fully enjoying your swimming pool, consider a replacing the lining or re-tiling. Swimming pool contractors can evaluate the damage and advise whether it’s an aesthetic issue, or signs of underlying safety or quality problems.

The Pool Looks Dated

Was your pool installed or updated over a decade ago? Trends and personal taste evolve over the years, and you may just find yourself longing for a different size or style for your pool. When you renovate pool features, you’re able to customize features to your preferences. Whether that’s a new shape, tiles or lining, or the addition of water features or a hot tub, you have your pick of options.

A Lack of Modern Safety and Energy Efficiency

Safety concerns can surface as your pool age, which is especially concerning for families with small children. Newer pools include safety features that older pools are often lacking. Swimming pool contractors can help bring your pool up to date by adding safety features. Also, older pools are nowhere near as economical and energy efficient as pools today. A small investment up front for a renovation will save you in the long run.

The Pool Needs Frequent Repairs

If you encounter an inordinate amount of pool problems, it may be more cost effective to undergo a major renovation. This can help you avoid incurring costs of small repairs and allow you to enjoy a more beautiful—and functional pool.

Not sure? Consult with Swimming Pool Contractors

You may not be sure whether you need a complete renovation, or perhaps you’re interested in the possibilities. A pool expert can help you determine your options and help you make this important decision.