Deciding Between Pools and Spas for Your Yard

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When you think about relaxing in your outdoor space, what comes to mind? Is it cooling down in your own swimming pool or sinking into a bubbling spa? Pools and spas are some of the best additions to a backyard, but choosing what’s right for you might not be so easy. Take a look at some of the benefits of both to help you discover what’s best.

Your Choice: Pool vs Hot Tub (or Both)

Pools and spas offer plenty of unique benefits, but they can also complement each other nicely. To help you decide what’s right for you, let’s look at some of the benefits.

Benefits of a Pool

Pool designs and features vary depending on what you’re looking to get out of your experience. Here are some of the benefits

  • Helps you cool off but can also be heated if you prefer
  • Visually appealing as part of a backyard oasis
  • Allows for exercise, activities, and relaxation
  • Enjoyable for all ages

You can customize a pool to your unique needs. Do you plan on getting chairs to lounge? A pool with a tanning ledge would be just right. Plan to practice your diving skills? Want your pool water to look as blue as the sky? There are tons of finishes that give you pool water color options to achieve your vision. Available designs provide nearly infinite possibilities – small, large, rectangular or round, vinyl or concrete.

Benefits of a Spa

● Warm and cozy
● Can often be used year-round in colder climates
● Provides relaxation and therapeutic benefits
● Able to fit in many different sized yards
● Can be attached to a pool or standalone

When it comes to spas, you have many options to consider based on size, shape, color, contemporary cabinet designs, and performance level. Detached or portable hot tubs are economical, and all you need is an outlet and an extension cord.

The Ultimate Combination: Connected Pools and Spas

The pool and spa combo is a popular choice for homeowners. One example is a spillover spa, which is constructed to have a waterfall effect into your pool. Spillovers offer aesthetic appeal and a touch of elegance. In the case of fiberglass pools, the pool is designed with the spa inside of it, so the mold has both the pool and spa included. Because they’re connected, they use the same filtration system for easy maintenance. And using the same pool water color options for your tub will ensure a cohesive look.

It’s Up to You

Is it worth putting a spa in a pool? Is a portable hot tub more your speed? This is absolutely your choice to make. Partner with a builder/supplier of pools and spas to determine what would work best in your space.