Kazdin Keeps Your Cost Down

You already know that in the hot summer months, when you’re enjoying your pool the most, you’re also adding the most chemicals. Other stores, including the so-called “discount stores” know this too.

That’s when they start raising their prices. At Kazdin Pools & Spas we don’t raise prices when the weather gets hot. In addition, to our regular pricing, no one in the area can match our service or knowledge about chemicals. Custom delivery and purchasing on account remains a convenient and economical alternative, you can save even more if you buy your chemicals and take them home.

Years ago, after a lot of research, we decided to carry an exclusive line of BioGuard chemicals, based on their quality, performance and reputation throughout the pool and spa industry.

At the same time, BioGuard chose us as an exclusive sales partner, because of our longevity and good reputation with our customers.

We’ve learned that from startup through closing, BioGuard chemicals are the best systematic program for total pool, spa and water care.

Pool Sanitizers and Chemicals

At Kazdin, we have all the answers.
Regardless of what kind of pool you have, we can provide proven sanitizing systems that will ensure a sparkling clear safe swimming pool environment for your family.

Sanitizing Products:
BioGuard Chemicals, Hayward Automatic Chlorine Feeders

Pool Sanitizers
The goal of all pool sanitizers is to effectively kill all germs providing a safe and clear pool. Products used to achieve this goal are listed below.

CHLORINE: This is the most effective and widely used sanitizer in today’s market. It has a long lasting effect and is easy to introduce to the pool either by means of the skimmer or through an automatic feeder. Fastest killer, at proper levels, kill rate .3 seconds. Chlorine can be stabilized preventing the sun form breaking down the product. WEAKNESS: Often hear complaint of odor and red and/or burning eyes. This can be eliminated by proper dosage, testing and shocking of the pool periodically. Over long periods of time, chlorine also tends to bleach liners, paint, bathing suits, etc.

BROMINE: A very effective sanitizer used heavily in spas and indoor pools because it is less odorous; Slightly lower kill time then chlorine; Can be used in outdoor pools; Does not breakdown in high temperature. The bleaching effect on pool liners is less than chlorine; Excellent in combination with Ozone. WEAKNESS: Bromine can not be stabilized; therefore the sun can break down the product more quickly. It is slightly more expensive than chlorine.

IONIZERS: These units deliver copper and/or silver into the pool water. Copper is a very effective algaecide and silver is a very effective bactericide. The only unit that we recommend is the Nature² model. This unit releases copper and silver into the pool water as well as an oxygen catalyst. This combination allows the pool to be operated with much lower chlorine residual. The unit will not stain pool, bleach or fade swim suits. WEAKNESS: Other forms of Ionizers that require electrical hookups tend to stain pool surface and are difficult to monitor. A chlorine residual of .5 to 1.0 ppm must be maintained with these units.

OZONE: Ozone is produced from the simple oxygen molecules in the atmosphere passing through an ozone generator located by the pool system. The ozone is then introduced to the filtered water returning to the pool. Excellent in combination with Bromine. This combination is the preferred sanitizing system for spas. Ozone is a very powerful oxidizing agent and disinfects and kills bacteria effectively. WEAKNESS: Ozone is an unstable gas with a very short life. Almost all ozone introduced to the pool water is used immediately. A chlorine residual of one part per million must be maintained with these units. However, when used in combination with ozone, much less chorine is needed. Electrical source required to operate should be tied into pool/spa clock.

ULTRA VIOLET (UV): Provides sanitation against bacteria, viruses, cysts and protozoa Must be used in conjunction with an EPA registered sanitizer e.g. chlorine and Mineral Springs. U.V. Won’t irritate eyes skin or hair. It reduces chloramines which cause chlorine smell, eye irritation and skin discomfort. U.V. will not affect the water balance of your pool. Contaminants are inactivated on contact U.V. frees chlorine and Mineral Springs to attack bacteria and wastes introduced by swimmers and the environment. U.V. prevents algae blooms and is environmentally friendly. Can be used on chlorine or Mineral System treated pools.

Sanitizing Systems:

The Easy, economical and professional way to chlorinate your pool- automatically. Hayward’s efficient, corrosion-proof automatic feeders install easily on new or existing pools or spas and hold up to 9 lbs. of large or small Tri-Chlor slow dissolving sticks or tablets – enough to provide over a week supply of chlorine sanitizer for large pools and longer for smaller pools. The easy to use integral dial control valve lets you accurately adjust the rate of chlorination needed to keep your pool sparkling pure and inviting.

New BioGuard Product Technology

Optimizer Plus Advantages

Increases water clarity. Borate product results in less eye irritation from existing pool conditions. Provides for the more effective use of all other pool sanitizers. Enhances water comfort and clarity. Stable in sunlight, will not evaporate. Reduces the ability for algae to grow. Works with most other sanitizing products.

Mineral Springs

Enjoy the luxuries of a Mineral Pool. It’s effortless with new Mineral Springs by Bioguard. Elevate your pool experience to a higher level. Water caresses your skin with the softest of touches. You glide through clear, sparkling liquid. It’s like bathing in mineral water touched only by nature. Your pool has never looked or felt so wonderful. Such is the reality of the Mineral Springs Program. A simple, minutes-a-week pool care program to multiply your enjoyment and sense of well-being.

You’ll love everything about the Mineral Springs system. For starters, it’s almost “hands-off,” and takes only a few minutes a week to maintain. In fact, once you’ve begun the system, you only have to add the Renewal® product once a week. That’s it! The Mineral Springs system is perfect for frequent travelers or vacation-takers. Through proper use of the system, you can leave home and forget your pool while you enjoy your trip. Even better, with Renewal you can add advanced applications for weeks ahead. This system works for you!

Ultra Violet ( UV)

After water passes through your filter, it is directed into the UV system and exposed to UV-C light. By subjecting microorganisms to this light, their genetic material is altered which renders them inactive. These organisms become incapable of infection or reproduction. In addition, the UV unit reduces chloramines – the cause of chlorine smell and eye/skin discomfort in a chlorine-treated pool- which allows chlorine to work more efficiently against harmful contaminants. This technology will not affect the water balance of your chlorine or Mineral Springs pool. UV is not only environmentally friendly, but also easy to install and use.

Nature² : The Natural Way to Purify Your Pool.

Technology has come full circle. With a revolutionary approach to purifying water that works just as simply, safely and effectively as Mother Nature does.

The patented Nature² Purifier has self contained, recyclable cartridge that works with your pool’s circulation system to purify the water the same way that nature does – by percolating it – through purifying minerals, and releasing trace amounts of those minerals back into your pool to control bacteria and algae. Naturally. Using a Nature² Purifier means you can significantly reduce or even completely eliminate the presence of chemicals like chlorine in your pool. That means no more red, stinging eyes, bleaches hair, or harsh chemical odors. And, maintaining your pool with Nature² means less aggravation and expense than using traditional chemical treatments. A chlorine residual of .5 to 1.0 ppm. must be maintained with these units.

The Nature² Purifier works automatically and requires no electricity. Pool owners who have switched from chemical programs report spending substantially less time maintaining their pools with Nature². And that means more time for you to enjoy your pool, and it’s fresh clean water.

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