What to Ask When Building a Pool

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Are you considering a swimming pool installation in your backyard? As you probably know, building a pool is a big investment, and you’ll want to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want. From the moment the pool design ideas start bubbling in your brain, do yourself a favor and start making a list of questions to ask yourself and your pool builder. Taking this proactive step is the best way to discover all the possibilities and ensure what you’re envisioning can be done.

5 Questions to Ask About a New Inground Pool

  1. Why do I want a pool?

It’s easy to love the idea of jumping into the cool refreshing water on a hot day, but it’s another thing altogether to own your own pool. Before you start taking the necessary steps for swimming pool installation, ask yourself why you want one. Not only will this help bring reality into the equation, but it also help you decide what the pool will be used for, which will determine which type of pool is best. For example, if exercise is top of mind, you may want a long, shallow pool for brisk swimming. If you want a pool that will be used by family and friends, you will need to consider a size and shape that’s suitable for many types of swimmers.


  1. Can my yard handle a pool?

Not every yard can handle a new inground pool. Before excavation can begin, a pool builder will need to check that your land is suitable for a pool. To determine whether it is, the pool professional will need to perform soil tests and a comprehensive analysis of the property to verify your home’s essential services like water and sewerage pipes, and phone, electrical and internet cables. The good news is that a pool can be built on most properties. It’s just that the certain challenges can affect the cost and complexity of your project. It is best to have this checked as early as possible to avoid disappointment or budget gouges down the road.


  1. What type of pool are you interested in?

While pool design ideas are plentiful, there are two basic types of swimming pools: inground and above ground. In general, new inground pools are more expensive to build, however they are much easier to maintain, making them the better long-term choice. Plus, inground pools tend to add visual appeal and value to your home – more so than an above-ground option will. Above-ground pools come in many sizes, but they don’t offer the same level of customization. amount of customization options as in-ground pools do.


  1. What type of materials and accessories should you consider?

There’s more options than inground and above ground when it comes to pool design ideas. You’ll also need to consider the types of materials. Ask your pool builder about some of the following options:

  • Concrete, fiber glass, natural swimming pool
  • Spa or no spa
  • Salt, chlorine, or “fresh water”
  • Pool lighting
  • Slides, waterfalls and other water features


  1. How much pool maintenance will you need?

New inground pools require consistent maintenance to keep your pool in top condition. Ignoring daily care can cut the lifespan of your pool in half and add much more costs to your initial swimming pool installation. While considering building a pool, talk to a professional about the options that can help cut costs, like energy-efficient pools with multi-phase pumps, robotic vacuum systems, self-cleaning systems and more.


A swimming pool installation can rejuvenate your outdoor space and add tons of value to your property. By putting real thought and planning in during the early stages, your pool design ideas will become reality so much easier. So if you’re thinking about building a pool, contact your local pool builder today to discover the possibilities.