4 Easy Ways to Update Pool Designs

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If you’re looking for a way to reinvigorate your swimming experience, you can find inspiration in the classics and the latest trends. There are many ways to update pool designs in small ways to make a big impact. Here are five ideas to turn a basic pool into something truly special.

1. Incorporate pool water features
Pool water features never go out of style and yet you can always find new innovations. A fountain or deck jets can provide aesthetics, entertainment and a soundscape that enhances the overall swim experience.

2. Heat things up.
Not everyone enjoys jumping into a pool of cold water. Without some sort of heating, your pool water won’t get as warm as you’d like, so it’s best to consider pool heating options. If you already have a heated pool, upgrading to a more energy-efficient option is a terrific idea. But which system should you choose? According to the Department of Energy, gas heaters, solar heaters and heat pump heaters are the three most energy-efficient ways to heat your swimming pool.

3. Add visual beauty with a waterfall.
Add something special to your design with a natural-stone pool waterfall cascading over into the blue water. Many pool companies even offer natural-looking artificial stone waterfalls for a fraction of the price of natural stones. These beautiful creations add visual interest and beauty to more all shapes and sizes of pools.

4. Install a hot tub.
One of the best ways to update pool experiences is to promote health and wellness is the addition of a spa. Whether it’s built as an extension of your pool or a separate addition, the heat, buoyancy and massage create an experience that’s both relaxing and healthy.

Of course, budget and space are both factors to consider when you’re preparing to make any upgrades. But if you’re creatively inspired and ready to start, consult with your local pool company to see how you can incorporate some fresh new elements to your pool.